Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation



Civil Litigation and Arbitration


Litigation is the term used to describe proceedings initiated between two opposing parties (a lawsuit) to enforce or defend a legal right. Litigation can include lawsuits for breach of contract, negligence (such as a Personal Injury case) or Temporary or Permanent Restraining Orders (preventing one from continuing to violate a person’s legal rights). Litigation is not simply another name for a lawsuit, but rather any number of activities before, during and after a lawsuit to enforce a legal right. In addition to the actual lawsuit, pre-suit negotiations, mediations, trials (before a Judge or Jury), collection of judgments and appeals may also be part of the litigation process. Additionally, the attorneys at Fuhrman & Dodge also assist clients in arbitration. Arbitration is usually a less formal process and is typically administered by the American Arbitration Association. Most arbitrations result from contract disputes where the contract requires that all issues between two parties be resolved by arbitration.


Practicing in this area: Chris Dodge, Jeanne ArmstrongJennifer Schank, Joe Malone



We help businesses & individuals recover their money. If you are having trouble recouping money from a debtor, we can help you obtain judgments and collect on those judgments by seizing bank accounts and accounts receivable, garnishing wages, seizing property, and utilizing other methods allowed under Wisconsin law. We approach debt collection based on the belief that debts should be paid, both as a matter of principle and as a pillar of healthy commerce. When debtors abuse the system by failing to repay debts or by hiding assets, creditors are the ones who are unfairly punished.


Practicing in this area: Chris Dodge, Jennifer Schank, Jeanne Armstrong, Joe Malone


Consumer Law


Like you, we have all seen the schemes of being promised millions of dollars by a foreign entity in our e-mail inbox. Some of us have bought a new car that has problems shortly after you drive it off the lot. Our attorneys work with claims involving these issues, and more. We also cover problems with repairs or improvements to your Home; Deceptive or Unfair door to door selling practices; unfair debt collection; problems and harassment associated with debt collection; Fair Dealership Law claims and compliance with the Wisconsin Consumer Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


Practicing in this area: Chris Dodge, Jennifer Schank, Joe Malone