Inverse Condemnation and Regulatory Takings Law



Inverse Condemnation is a taking of your property that occurs when the government has occupied your property without the right to do so. Wisconsin statutes provide a procedure by which you can seek just compensation for that taking of your property.


The Courts have also recognized that a taking can also occur even if the government has not physically occupied your property. Such a taking occurs when the government has regulated your property to the extent that you are left with no economically beneficial or productive use of your property. In such cases, just compensation is mandated by the US and Wisconsin Constitutions.


We have extensive experience in the successful litigation and appeal of cases involving inverse condemnation and regulatory takings in Wisconsin. In such cases, a successful litigant can recover the attorneys fees and costs of litigation incurred in that litigation, together with just compensation for the taking of that property.


Practicing in this area: John A. Kassner