Eminent Domain Law



Eminent Domain law is the process used by government and utilities to take private property for a public purpose.  Condemnors can take your property for a public purpose, but they must pay just compensation for what they take.  The law is complex and confusing.  We would encourage you to meet with us at the outset to explain how the process works and to outline your options for going forward.


You should determine, early on, how your property will be affected by the project.  We have successfully negotiated modifications to public projects to protect a client’s future use of the property, but, to do so, we must act before the window closes on the ability to make such changes.


In all cases, you want to make sure you receive fair compensation not only for what is being taken from you but for the impact of the project on the value of the remainder of your property.  We have extensive experience in negotiations, litigation and, when necessary, through appeals.


Practicing in this area: John A. Kassner, Cody Pansing